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Hi all,

I’m sending this out via my blog because it’s probably the quickest way to reach everyone. Today I just accepted a job at the Google Mountain View campus working in the Security and Privacy Group.

This is… kind of huge. The money and benefits are way better, but the reason I’m really making the move is that I’ve found it harder and harder to deliver on projects in recent times due to ever-tightening budget restrictions and negligible support in terms of access to resources. I’m looking forward to working on new interesting problems that have more of a direct impact on people’s lives — the group I’ll be joining, amongst other things, has the job of keeping our email out the of the hands of people we’d rather not have reading it, as well as doing a lot of other stuff to protect privacy. Kind of the sharp end of the not-being-evil bit, I think.

My last day at Ames will be January 21st. I’ll be starting at Google on the 25th — first week will be all the usual Noogler orientation stuff. And yes, apparently, I really do get a hat with a propeller on it.

This is all pretty difficult to wrap my head around. It’s been 10 years, more than twice longer than any other job I’ve ever had (not counting the various inter-contractor transfers).

Boggle. I can’t really believe I just pressed send on the bunch of emails telling people I’m leaving.

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