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Birthdate:Dec 19
Location:The Bay of Areania, California, United States of America
Website:Find Atlantis
I hate writing these things.

Yes. OK, here I am on Dreamwidth. I signed up on the day the beta was opened up to the public, sitting in the living room with my two awesome housemates, whilst watching a BBC costume drama about victorian lesbians. I have chocolate. Two kinds. From Whole Paycheck, no less.

Oh right, I'm supposed to talk about myself rather than just ramble wildly. Fair enough, you got me fair and square there, guv. OK. I'm 41 at the last count, I design big giant space robots for a living. I'm a polar explorer, a crack shot, a ninja, a record producer, witch, magician and a keen gardener. I don't believe in the evils of the serial comma. My mother taught me to drive a fork truck when I was six years old. Not all of these things are true. No really. Honest, guv, would I lie to you?

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